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About Studio 4

Susan Christensen portrait photoThe spirit of innovation and creative force that defines Studio 4 is synonymous with Susan Christensen. Susan’s level of artistic skill, enriched by her deeply-rooted passion, create the demand for her Visual Art, Graphic Design and Illustrations.

Born in Summerside, Susan’s intrinsic love for her Island home is clearly evident in the artwork which is her passion. Extensive travel has only highlighted for her the beauty and serenity of home —Prince Edward Island. This communion with nature is the essence of her inspiration and it is this exploration of her personal responses that produces works known internationally and nationally as well as locally. Her photo etchings have shown in Japan on numerous occasions. Her image ‘Beach Walk, PEI’ was chosen to represent Prince Edward Island at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The transition to Graphic Design and Illustration flowed smoothly because of her foundational knowledge of and past experience in the Fine Arts.